AllStar Cast Members

At the core of the TeeVee Allstars is a power trio that serves as the platform for mixing and matching with many different, musically diverse special guests who appear at each performance. You never know who will guest star on any given episode. But this core cast of characters is almost always the same.

Lorinc Zord

Drummer and Spirit Animal

Drum virtuoso, Lorinc Zord is an alumni of the world-famous Drummers Collective in Manhattan. He is the co-owner of several outlets of the successful Rock Underground Music Schools with locations in Greenwood Lake and Warwick, New York. Lorinc has helped generations of young people find the love of live music and performance.

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Ryan Marks

Bass, Guitar and Vocals

Ryan Marks is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, recording engineer and teacher from Warwick, NY. Ryan has spent his entire career performing, recording and teaching professionally. His work includes original music, as well as ensemble work for various artists such as the nationally touring KIDZ BOP, and Hudson Valley groups like The 710 Experiment, Doug Myer & Friends, Dead On The Tracks, Boxing The Needle, Fever Train, Ryan Townsend Band, and many more. Learn more about him a Ryan Marks Music. ​

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Tony Vee
(Sweet T)

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Bandleader of notorious Hudson Valley party band, Uncle Shoehorn, Mr. Tee Vee enjoys this side project as an avenue for musical diversion from the big band. Tony enjoys the opportunity to invite players he admires from all the excellent bands and performers that call the Hudson Valley home.

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Max Aronov

Bass and Vocals

Max Aronov, veteran bass player for Uncle Shoehorn’s Funky Dance Party does double duty, sharing bass-ification responsibilities with Ryan Marks.

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Matt Price

Guitar and Vocals

Matt Price has been performing classic rock and blues since the 1970s and brings understated tastefulness to the ensemble. Whether he’s covering the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Band catalog, acoustic guitar music from CSNY, Neil Young, Jorma, or helping keep the blues alive at the Weekly Blues Invitational, Matt is always a consistent, soulful and supportive player. Matt is also an accomplished rock and roll photographer as well as a vinyl record aficionado.

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